Meri St. Mary is a musician, writer, artist, radio personality and a punk poet chanteuse who, in 1984, started her seminal avant-garde punk Housecoat Project. She has released two LP's on Subterranean Records, WIDE EYE DOO DAT (SUB61) and her current project girlFIEND (SUB66). She has also produced and released a solo acoustic CD, I'M BACK. Since the early 80's, she has performed live, doing music & spoken word across the USA. She's an award winning DJ at KVMR radio and is the hostess of The Underground Sound and Hallelujah Hollaback.

Housecoat Project

Led by San Francisco punk poet/ songwriter/ provocateur Meri St. Mary, this band made a significant splash in the mid-80's with their excellent musicianship, vivd songwriting, and riveting live performances on the West Coast, and then nationally in 1987 when their debut LP "WIDE EYE DOO DAT" was released. With even better songs, production, and playing than before, they recorded their second album "girlFIEND" in 1989, though the band disintegrated in the process, and it was never released. It's become something of an underground legend, however with test pressings circulating among traders and collectors for over 20 years.

Now the record has finally come to light with the 1989 tapes freshly remastered and with great full color artwork by underground painter John Whitehead and a lyric/photo insert. Both LPs on Subterranean Records are on vinyl only and are SUB 61 & SUB 66. Collect this record now while it lasts before another 23 years go by!

In 2012 Meri's first book of poetry & art YOU TORE US was released on Cold River Press. She regularly publishes in various distinguished poetry periodicals. November 2014 BEEHIVE RECORDS welcomes Meri's first electronic release PROTAGONISTA! a vinyl 7" EP with debut show in Berlin then stateside for more.

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