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This film is written, co-directed, and co-edited by Meri St. Mary for #NoCliqueZone Films. It debuted at Nevada City Film Festival on September 11, 2015, and was in Best of the Fest on September 13.

Nine Doors from Camen Hodges on Vimeo.


Friday evening, 11th of September 2015, on Spring Street in Nevada City premiered the well-received, cinematic debut of Meri St. Mary’s first short film: '9 Doors' -- a mystical walkabout through Nevada City's landmark streets and Victorian buildings set against the ominous soundtrack of Meri St. Mary’s previously unreleased song of the same title.

Prior to the evening’s total of four, outdoor, clandestine screenings, Meri explained her intention for '9 Doors' to invoke the feeling of a 1940's Mexico City, citing the early surrealist movement's heroines as some of her artistic influences.

The film's first surprising aspect, being recorded and projected in high-definition greyscale 9:16 “portrait mode,” instead of the usual 16:9 “landscape mode,” immediately transports the viewer into an other-worldly perspective: the befitting shape of a door. The film whirls a mystical, visual foreplay of a female figure making her curious passage through the '9 Doors' set about hotel stairways, hallways, city streets and natural surroundings – the viewer's visual arousal on high -- not knowing what we'll find beyond each and every elusive door -- with its 9th, ultimate door delivering us into a pristine view of Nature; motherland of infinity, birth, death.

For an already well-established poetess and musician, Meri Saint Mary's first film shows great promise – an exploration of a fresh medium as a multifaceted, multimedia artist. I'm certainly not alone in saying I'm anxious to see what Meri Saint Mary has in store for her audiences next.
–- review by Lucifer, R.S.A.N.I., notorious hypercritical bastard



Remastered with new artwork in 2015, including 5th surreal adventure track from the short film "Nine Doors". Meri St. Mary and Th' Mole's personal offering.

Here is a beautiful piece of writing about PROTAGONISTA! from Ariel Sima of the (great) electronic duo FARMACIA (from Argentina) Published in RE/Search Publications 2015:

“It’s very difficult for me to make a review of the album “PROTAGONISTA!” I am neither a writer or a journalist. I am a musician & I love listening to music.… “PROTAGONISTA!” generated on me a lot of emotions… it’s a whole work of art. ... beautiful cover design… It’s an amazing work created by Meri St. Mary’s voice, deep & emotional and Th’ Mole’s musical genius, which continues like a puzzle (which will surely break your mind) a sound collage that will take you, in a single song, through several interesting scenarios, plenty of moods, textures & sensations. I can’t say any more… just listen it, enjoy it & get your own opinion about this great album!”

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PROTAGONISTA! unites punk-poet-chanteuse Meri St. Mary with mutant-trip-hop producer Th' Mole. A veteran of the San Francisco / Los Angeles punk underground, Meri brings her charismatic vocals and compelling poetry in a new direction with her first electronic release. The EP features four of St. Mary's songs, brought to vivid sonic life — layered, psychedelic, surreal and daringly new.

Coming November 2014 on BEEHIVE Records


Meri's first book of poetry & art, published by Cold River Press.

“Meri St. Mary is a force of nature, spinning out of the Southlands like an electric whirlwind. Her poems cut through lie's alleys, illuminating seldom seen places.”
    Jim Morton - Writer, Popvoid, Incredibly Strange Films

“MSM delivers fractured fairy tales from a haunted & fallen world.. Fierce & funny, a one two punch to the juggler, her very name is a poem.”
    Stanislaw Sobolewski - Writer, Moe's Books

94pp. + Soft Cover, 16 Author Illustrations.
Forward by V. Vale of RE/Search
$15.00, shipping Included. Order here at Cold River Press or e-mail Meri.

LP - girlFIEND

Subterranean Records (SUB 66) - recorded in 1989, finally released 2010. This is HP 2nd LP on the Subterranean label & still stands up. New artwork, remastered & lots of guests on recording! A vintage collector LP (vinyl only)

To order direct from Subterranean Records:
P.O. Box 2530, Berkeley, CA 94702 or email

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LP - Wide Eye Doo Dat

Subterranean Records (SUB 61) - out of print, available soon in CD format - recorded in 1987. This is the HP debut LP on the Subterranean label. Limited supply, a vintage collector LP (vinyl only)

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Four semi-autobiographical songs from a survivor who has paid her dues & lived to tell the tale. A must for lyrical content as well as production. Moody, avant-garde folk surprise.

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T-Shirt - Dale Enzenbacker design

Housecoat Project vintage design from Dale Enzenbacker, circa 1987/88, now available.
Original artwork.

T-Shirt - Eric Rad Yuncker

Housecoat Project vintage design from Eric Rad Yuncker, circa 1984/85, now available.
Orginal artwork.